#1 Worst Mistake You Can Make In Your Wellness Journey

Being ill and sickly is no fun, everyone wants to lead a healthy life and neither is it difficult to develop a thriving lifestyle. Small little steps towards a better living can make a big difference and improve the quality of life in regards to the  physical, mental and emotional health perspectives. 

Remember, a fit and agile mind resides in an active and wellness filled body; while pursuing a long healthy life we need to advance towards our goal every single day. 

According to the statistics, amongst the 90 Million affluent health-conscious individuals residing in urban areas, the awareness and concern about lifestyle-related health issues are prevalent. This demographic is of various age groups and is distinct in personality, i.e, athletic youth, motivated gym enthusiasts, concerned changemakers and more. The said separation is referred on their aspiration to fitness and level of participation in fitness activities.

However, do we really have a healthy lifestyle, is it even possible to have wellness without basic oral care? 

Research states, ‘overall wellness is not complete without oral (dental care).’ Many Studies relate over 120 systemic diseases, with dental health i.e, poor dental care can lead to problems in the entire body. 

According to the American Dental Association, the relationship between oral health and systemic diseases is highly significant. Dental problems directly have effects on lung and heart problems, diabetes, artery related issues, pregnancy complications, etc. 

The aforementioned is the reason that the #1 worst mistake you can make in your wellness journey is ignoring your oral health. To begin with, the risk factors associated with poor oral hygiene which eventually affects your systemic health can be reduced significantly by paying attention to the everyday dental hygiene routine. 

One must remember the following points to alleviate their well-being because oral health truly makes a difference:

The rule of 2

Brushing two times a day for 2 minutes each should be a must ( (unless a dentist recommends otherwise). The brushing should be done with a soft-bristle toothbrush using a toothpaste that is dental association approved. The technique is brushing in circular motions without putting any unnecessary pressure and cleaning all the teeth. Changing the brush every 2-3 months (when bristles start fraying) is as important as brushing properly.

Tongue cleaning and flossing are a must

If you don't clean your tongue or floss at least once a day then your oral hygiene routine can not be optimal. The plaque and smaller food particles that are harder for the brush to clean need to be cleared regularly or they may cause serious problems. Additionally, the tongue due to a rough surface traps a lot of plaque and requires cleaning along with brushing.

Antibacterial mouthwash

Using the right mouthwash helps reduce the microbial growth in the mouth and hence decreases the risk of oral issues. Using antibacterial mouthwash also helps with getting rid of bad breath because it gets rid of bacteria. However, children should not be given mouthwash as it is not recommended by dentists.

Mouth rinse

Rinsing the mouth after every meal will help reduce the acid build-up on the teeth and help in avoiding dental damage. Binge eating is thereby not recommended as eating continuously keeps the teeth in constant contact with acid which harms the enamel. There are several ways to keep your oral health optimal in this busy life.

Regular dentist visits

Along with acknowledging the importance of oral hygiene in daily life, one must also remember to go for dental consultation twice a year. You might ignore an early sign of oral problems but your dentist will not. Do not avoid going to the dentist every 6 months and be ‘penny wise and pound foolish.’


Notwithstanding the absolute necessity of correct and customised dental hygiene routine one must be mindful and attentive towards their dental health. Your oral health is the missing puzzle piece from your all-inclusive wellness journey. We at MyDentalPlan - India’s largest dental network are here to aid you find the best dentists to get the right consultation you need. Additionally, with our Know Your Treatment Cost feature, now you may find out the approximate cost of over 550 dental treatments and also find the right dental plan for your need. Reach out to us to find your friendly neighbourhood dentist and ace your oral game. 



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