Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease With Brushing and Tongue Cleaning


By now we know that our oral health is linked to our overall health. But little do we know is the connection between teeth and tongue cleaning related to heart disease. Yes, you read it right!


Our mouth is the hometown to many microbes - they live on and between our teeth, as well as on our tongue. While these microbes are totally healthy and normal, they also make up plaque (thick biofilm), which can end up causing cavities and bad breath. 


If you allow plaque to stay on your teeth and tongue, they become thicker as soon as they mature. And that’s where the trouble starts.


While it’s absolutely normal and healthy to have small amounts of microbes living in our mouths, plaque that sits on our teeth and tongue become anaerobic, resulting in other disease-causing microbes flourishing. These anaerobic microbes can cause an inflammatory cascade in our immune system, affecting areas of our body far beyond our mouth.


This is where teeth and tongue cleaning comes into the picture.


The tongue plays a vital role in the bolus formation of the food for swallowing and also facilitates the movement of the food to enter the digestive tract. Also, maintaining a thin biofilm on the tongue is important for the digestion of simple sugars, and additionally to avoid continuous harbouring and swallowing inflammation-causing microbes. Furthermore, we should regularly clean our tongue and make sure the biofilm does not thicken and begin to cause negative effects like inflammation and ulcers.


But remember, brushing the teeth and tongue isn’t always cleaning. Visiting a dentist and getting your regular dental check-up done along with cleaning your teeth once a year is all that is required for you.


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