The Reason For Fraying Of Toothbrush


If your toothbrush looks like a ‘SUNFLOWER’ it won't give you a shining smile!!!

Rather, it is time to change the brush. No No, it's not a joke, those frayed ends on the bristles are bad for your oral health as they may harm you.


A flower-like look of the toothbrush is actually frying of the bristles when they get worn out. The bristles bend outwards and can strat harming your gums as well as becoming incompetent to clean the teeth. 


It is not a marketing gimmick to make you buy a toothbrush every few weeks but an actual issue that doctors say a big NO to. 


One might ask, is it the design that is meant to fray away after a while or is it something else? 


The reason for the frayed toothbrush could be your brushing technique! Often in a hurry, we tend to brush in a chaotic manner putting way too much pressure on the teeth, this is the most incorrect manner to clean your teeth. Brushing hard won't get rid of all the plaque rather it may harm the gums and tooth enamel.


Pressure brushing is also the reason for the toothbrush bristles to become frayed, before time. This is exactly why the doctors recommend learning the correct brushing technique and using soft-bristled brushes that are dental association ( approved. 


Does this mean you may continue using the same toothbrush for a lifetime if you learn to brush properly? No, neither is the longevity of the nylon bristles is infinite nor it is advised by the dentists. 


In addition to fraying of bristles, toothbrushes need to be replaced every 2-3 months and moreover immediately after one suffers from infections or flu. Learn why


Educating oneself about the smallest parts of dental hygiene can go a long way. And to do so speaking to an experienced dentist (or 10) may prove to be a very good idea.


Where to find such a dentist? How to know if your brushing technique is fine for your teeth? How will you spare time from your busy schedule to visit the dentist? 

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