Why Shouldn't Kids Use Mouth Wash?

Just like the toothbrush, the toothpaste and other oral hygiene products are different in the case of children and adults, so is the mouthwash. No, you can not give your child the same mouthwash that you use, in fact, you should not give your kid any mouthwash without their doctor’s prescription.

Kids under the age of 6 are not advised to use mouthwash, did you know why? Because children lack the ability to properly spit out the mouthwash after rinsing their mouth and poses the likelihood of ingesting the mouthwash.

So why is it bad if children can not spit out mouthwash?


  • One of the reasons is exposure to excess fluoride. Mouthwash for adults contain fluoride which is over the prescribed quantity for children. It may cause fluorosis in which the teeth get spots or streaks formed on them and may kill the child’s confidence due to unseemly looks.
  • Another reason is that mouthwashes contain alcohol percentage that is toxic if swallowed in large quantities. Being able to spit out effectively is important to use mouthwashes.


So should children be miles away from mouthwash? To be honest,it will depend upon the dental conditions. Some kids may get advised to use mouthwash by their doctor if they are going through oral treatments like braces,habit breaking in which they will benefit by using mouthwash.

Although, in such cases, the doctor will ask the parents to make the kid practice spitting properly with water before switching to mouthwash so as to not risk ingestion.

Whether it be children or adults, one mustn't believe mouthwash to be a substitute for brushing, flossing or tongue cleaning. Children though will be advised to use kids tooth paste  which will be prescribed by a good dentist.

If you feel the need for your child (under 6 years of age) to use mouthwash, you must consult a pedodontist (dentist of children) and not administer it yourself.

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