Your Kisses May Give Your Baby An Upset Tummy


Over 6 billion bacteria reside in an adult mouth, some of them are good, some not so much. We surely can imagine the repercussions of such vast fauna on a body that does not yet has a fully developed immune system. Yes, babies! 

What causes stomach pains in newborn babies? Newborns have developing organs and immunity until they are a bit older, i.e, 6 months and above, they are vulnerable to even the slightest infection. During those unsafe months, the parents need to be extra careful about not transferring any sort of germs to the child to avoid infection and distress for the baby.

Dangers of kissing babies may seem such a far off thought because “oh so cute they are,” it’s a natural reaction for all adults (well most of them). But one must remember how an adult’s mouth is overcrowded with many kinds of germs that though may not be as harmful to the said adult, could cause several reactions in the baby.

One of the most prevalent reactions a baby may get on being introduced with germs is an upset stomach. Those endearing kisses on your baby’s face could be causing distress in more ways than one to the child

One must remember that kissing babies on the mouth or anywhere on the face is very risky. It may seem rude for the moment but not allowing the same to those who are visiting the child is a good idea too. Parents must especially keep their personal/oral hygiene high to avoid any kind of infection transfer to the child.

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