Here's Why You Should Change Your Toothbrush During FLU Season!


We know when we have to upgrade our wardrobe because the old worn-out dresses don't fit anymore. But do you have any idea about when to change your toothbrush?

We remember, that ever since our childhood we have only changed it when we noticed those frayed bristles. But is there any science behind it?

Let's dive deeper!

Just the fact of knowing that bacteria and fungus can dwell a home on your toothbrush is not enough to say goodbye to your old toothbrush. There is a lot more to it.

Starting with gums, the old one with frayed bristles would not be able to kick out the plaque from your teeth which may lead to gingivitis, infection and so on.

As per the experts, you can also be at the stake of your good health because of an overused toothbrush. And something which you can't tolerate must be the ingestion of unwanted particles if you reside your toothbrush near the toilet. Don't feel ewwwww! We are stating the truth.

Coming back to the topic, you shouldn't just wait for the flu season to change your toothbrush. Rather, it must be swapped out regularly. But during the flu season when you are feeling under the weather, it becomes a lot more important for you to keep a track of time and change your old worn toothbrush. The prominent reason behind this is the lingering of germs on your toothbrush which if not thrown can bring back the illness. 

Throwing your toothbrush will just not help in killing the germs but also helps to reduce the time span of your own ongoing illness by preventing the re-infection.

In order to keep your toothbrush and yourself at the best of your health, ensure to dry it out in between the uses. And even when you feel dental illness, reach out to the nearest provider at India's largest dental network - MyDentalPlan.



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