Dental Sealants- The Cavity Inhibitor


Stopping children from eating sugar, chips, biscuits, juice, milk etc is like trying to stop the Hulk from smashing. In spite of all the difficulties, parents need to keep a check on the sugar, chips, biscuits, juice, milk intake of their kids to prevent cavities. 

Childhood cavities are one of the most prevalent dental problems all over the world. How to stop kids from eating sugar, chips, biscuits, juice, milk all the time, isn't that a pickle (pun intended)? On a serious note, the dental sealant procedure is the answer to your prayers.

Even though dental sealant technology is about half a century old, it is still in the process of being widely known amongst dental treatment seekers. Doctors advise getting dental sealants for adults as well as kids but they stress more for children because of their tendency to eat more sugar, chips, biscuits, juice, milk substances and ignore oral hygiene.

Cavities in teeth occur due to stuck food on the teeth being attacked by bacteria in the mouth. The food particles get trapped in the grooves present on the back teeth (molars), these grooves are called pit and fissure. The purpose of dental sealants is to essentially block these gaps, impairing the sticking of food particles and eventually preventing cavities.

Dental sealants are also known as pit and fissure sealants or simply fissure sealants, it is a thin coating painted on the teeth. A simple procedure where the teeth are not drilled and no pain is endured. Two different types of sealants are used, the light-cured sealant and the chemical-cured sealant. 

The light-cured one can be manipulated while applying until it is set with light whereas the chemical-cured sealant needs to be manipulated quickly before it sets. There is no known significant difference between the two in regards to their effect on the prevention of cavities

Having a way to prevent caries does not mean that sugar, chips, biscuits, juice, milk is good for kids. Besides hyperactivity, there are several other disadvantages of excessive sugar intake. 

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