Electric Toothbrush Is Better Or Manual Toothbrush?


Change is the only constant, from the invention of electricity in the 18th century to the usage of electric toothbrushes in daily life in the 21st century, it has been an interesting journey. However, did you ever stop to think why is an electric toothbrush useful or different from a manual toothbrush? Is it just a fancy way of brushing your teeth or looking elegant while doing so?

Oral health affects your overall health and being trivial about it only puts us in danger. Plaque that ecky biofilm which gets accumulated on the teeth is made of harmful bacteria that attacks the remaining food particles in your mouth. This can cause cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis and other types of oral problems if not removed properly with brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning. Using electric toothbrushes actually helps in removing plaque in an efficient way while requiring less effort.

The vibrating bristles and rotating head of the electric toothbrush cleans your teeth-buildup with great competence. It is a brilliant dental care tool for children, specially-abled people, old people, and those who suffer from muscular or bone-related injury or problems like arthritis which prevents them to brush properly.

As age progresses muscular and bone-related problems like arthritis that stiffens the body, starts to develop. Electric toothbrushes are a good way to keep oral hygiene high for people in their golden ages. After all oral health is related to 120+ systemic diseases, the goldy-oldies do not need yet another problem with their health due to improper oral care.

On the topic of electric toothbrush vs manual, doctors advise depending on the patient’s needs. Whichever toothbrush you choose the important thing is to remember the right way to brush, i.e. for two minutes, two times a day. Additionally, flossing once a day is an important aspect of dental care that should not be ignored. 

If you choose to switch from manual to electric toothbrushes make sure you consult your dentist. Get the one that is easy to hold and is user-friendly, after all, we don’t want to spend half an hour trying to work another electronic device. 


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