Wisdom Tooth Removal - Aftercare

What's the hype all about around wisdom tooth extraction? Freaking out because of the pain and what's next? Relax! It's not that hard to deal with. All that you can do is act smart and follow your dentist's aftercare instructions. No, don't run to the dentist now for a detailed lesson on aftercare. We're making it a bit easy for you.

As per India's best dentists enrolled with MyDentalPlan Healthcare, we have jotted down the aftercare instructions exclusively for you once you are done with your extraction.

We bet, your dentist will place you in the best care while you are undergoing the extraction procedure. The dentist will certainly help you with all that you need to make sure of a speedy recovery.

What's the wait for then? Hurry for the essentials you must be in need of after you get your tooth extracted. Like ice cream, jellies, soft foods etc.

Hell no! We haven't forgotten the main idea of writing this to you. We are stocked up with survival tips to tell you that "You can do it"!

Let us tell you what you'll be going through once you wave the last goodbye to that cause of pain - wisdom tooth. Swelling, bruising, bleeding. 

Hey, wait! Remember ‘you can do it’....with these aftercare tips, of course - 


Swelling - 

Though puffy cheeks are cute and we anyway love you the way you are, still minimising swelling after your extraction is easy. How about applying some ice packs? Not that tough, right! So here you are, on and off outside your mouth for about one day after the extraction will definitely help you to reduce the discomfort because of swelling or bruising.


Bleeding - 

We are not here to scare the hell out of you, trust us! But the truth to be unfolded is that bleeding might follow you after the extraction. So, the placed pad by your dentist at the extraction site has to come into the picture. What? Did you throw that right after the surgery? Stop kidding. We are sure, your dentist must have told you to keep the pad intact for about 30 minutes right after the surgery. That way, it will help you stop bleeding and you can also bite down with gentle pressure for the better assistance of blood clotting. So take it easy!


Medication -

Undergone a surgery? Get ready for the soft pills as well. The painkillers, antibiotics are not prescribed to be taken lightly. It will help you recover faster and will also share your pain. 


See, we told you it’s not that scary. And if at all you feel stuck, you know where to head next. MyDentalPlan - India’s largest dental network.



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