Dental Anxiety- The Fear Of Dentists


We all have heard of various phobias like fear of needles, fear of heights or fear of flying; you or someone you know, probably sufferers from a fear of some sort. But do you know about something called dental anxiety it is also known as dentophobia, which is the fear of going to the dentist and is a recognised psychological condition?

Dental anxiety is adding to our nation's unacceptable reality of oral health which is why 90% of the population suffers from some or other form of oral problem. Nevertheless, dental anxiety is not such a big problem that can not be handled with proper awareness and care. 

Remember, oral health is the window to your overall health. So let us look at dental anxiety in detail and be mindful of the condition. 

What is dental anxiety?

This condition is associated with stress and anxiety attacks that get triggered when one is in the vicinity of needles, drills or in a dental clinic setting.

When dental anxiety is severe it may turn into a phobia and can serve as the root of crippling fear of needles, drills, dental procedures and even dentists. In such conditions, the person may delay going to the dentist or completely avoid it which is harmful in more than one way.

Apart from being undiagnosed and psychologically affecting, dental anxiety may prevent you from getting the required dental disease diagnosis and eventually treatment. Many people who suffer from dental anxiety also suffer from some or other oral issues because they can’t (for the love of God) go to the dental clinic.

How to recognise dental anxiety?

First and foremost, dental anxiety should be recognised, accepted and then dealt with. People who have dental anxiety may experience some visible symptoms that could allow them or their near and dears to comprehend their situation.

-          Sweating

-          Racing heartbeat/palpitation

-          Low blood pressure

-          Visible distress (crying or signs of panic)

-          Withdrawal and/or using humour/aggression to mask panic

How to cope with dental anxiety?

  • Finding a friendly and understanding doctor will help the situation a lot.
  • Bring along someone to support you morally and emotionally.
  • Letting your doctor know about your anxiety will help the doctor be more receptive to your emotions and eventually help the problem.
  • Reaching early to access the setting will also help. It will further prevent any last-minute haste that may increase your anxiety.
  • Use relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing to help calm the panic.

If you are someone who is suffering from dental anxiety or you know someone who might, it will serve you well to get it diagnosed and take help. Ignoring a dentist and dental problems can only lead to more problems. There are 120+ systemic diseases that are linked to oral health, prioritise yourself!

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