Painless & Cost Effective Wisdom Teeth Removal

Now when your dentist has asked you to remove your “not-so-wise” wisdom tooth. You are left with no option. Wait, what? You want us to brainstorm the very topic. Well, how can we deny it? 

After all, we will never give you half knowledge or solution. We are only striving to offer you the best of all. Be it knowledge, solution or the wisdom teeth treatment cost. 

Coming back to the father of fear in dentistry – wisdom tooth removal or extraction, a surgical procedure to kick out the wisdom tooth. 

Before you wonder, why are wisdom teeth removed? Let us help you to understand better. If a wisdom tooth has no room to grow, it will result in pain or other dental problems which can even lead to a more problematic stage than that of extraction. 

In addition to the problems associated with not fully erupting wisdom teeth, they also make the adjacent teeth decay too.

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What is wisdom tooth extraction surgery?

To ensure that the one creating the problem won’t be a problem for others. This means, to ensure that the problematic wisdom tooth won’t cause any harm to the nearby teeth and bones, your dentist has asked you to go for a wisdom tooth extraction.

While we agree, the word ‘surgery’ is horrific. However, knowing it better before getting it done will definitely help you to conquer the fear. 

During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the tooth (maybe as a whole or in pieces, as per the situation) to save the other pearly whites. Don’t worry, you won’t feel that as the surgeon will put you under local or general anaesthesia which will be decided as per the criticality of your situation.

Complication of surgery

Extraction has a few complications like dry socket (painful stage post-surgery), irritated nerves, sinus issues, infection, etc. But once gone, the lifelong benefit of ‘no pain’ is worth it.

Walkthrough of surgery

Let’s take a moment to thank anaesthesia which won’t let you feel any pain or discomfort. Here are a few steps you may undergo during surgery -

  • Sedation
  • Numbing
  • Tissue Dissection
  • Bone Removal
  • Loosening and Sectioning of tooth
  • Tooth removal
  • Stitches

What’s next?

See, you are a warrior! You did it! But wait, the aftercare is no less important. Once the surgery is done, your surgeon or dentist will help you with gauze to bite down which will help the blood clots in the affected area. 

Right after the surgery, get ready to feel mild effects of anaesthesia which may include, nausea, shivering, etc. But don’t worry, you are still under your expert’s supervision. 

Your dentist will monitor you for about an hour or so, based on the criticality of the surgery. 

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Recovery Stage

While you may experience some pain, bleeding or swelling up to a few days after the surgery. However, taking care of the following steps for the first 24 hours are going to be helpful – 

  • Don’t rinse your mouth vigorously. But rinse gently with warm water carefully.
  • Ensure to not consume alcohol, not even a mouthwash with alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid brushing hard the teeth next to the extraction area. Use a softer toothbrush.

You may take a few weeks to heal but can come back to your normal regime from the next day. Of course, taking note of your dentist's instructions and following it closely is always advisable. 

Having said that, severe to severe conditions can be cured if you are at the right place. When it comes to your health, making the right choice is always the right step. And now when you have MyDentalPlan, you don’t even need to worry about the wisdom tooth removal cost

As per the severity of the dental issue, you can check or know your treatment cost beforehand. If at all you face any other complications, feel free to connect with them at or call at 18001027526. Because India’s largest dental network is striving hard to make dentistry affordable and accessible for all.



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