Dysgeusia is distortion in the perception of taste! As twisted as this may sound, the simple meaning is, the awful metallic taste you may get in your mouth sometimes. 

Doesn’t it feel like you have bitten into metallic cutleries? Why do you taste metal sometimes, did you ask your doctor? If you did not, let us tell you that you should ask the right dentist.

Now that you are here, we know what horrible answers you get if you search for metallic taste in the mouth. After a while it is just plain morbid, most will stop reading at that point. NO-NO read-on it’s getting informative now and promise it will not upset you!

Yes, there is a possibility that metal-like taste in the mouth is connected to some bad news like kidney or liver diseases or even cancer but these problems will be accompanied by other symptoms. If you only complain about just the metallic taste without experiencing any other abnormal symptoms, there could be some other reasons for it:


  • Undiagnosed diabetes
  • Colds or sinusitis
  • During pregnancy around 1st trimester, which is normal
  • Food allergies
  • Indigestion
  • Course of antibiotics
  • Oral problems like infection in tooth or gums
  • Poor oral hygiene


To avoid having the awful metallic taste in your mouth you may take some steps. Foremost it is necessary to remain hydrated, dry mouth may cause the metallic taste to increase. Maintain optimal oral hygiene that includes 2 mins brushing and tongue cleaning twice a day along with flossing once. 

There will be some other signs you may see along with metallic taste if the reason is oral health, like bad breath, swollen gums, red coloured gums or even bleeding gums. Make sure you stop dilly-dallying and consult the best dentist IMMEDIATELY.

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