How Your Dentist Can Help You Regain Your Smelling Sense


If you are not getting the same taste of your favourite dish after recovering from COVID, know that you are not alone. Definitely, these are very difficult times and worrying about small little things can scare you. 

About 80% of those who test positive for corona infection complain about the loss of ability to smell and taste. But why can’t you taste that yummy looking treat anymore? It is because your taste buds are related to the smell you inhale, if your brain can’t tell you are smelling ‘Pizza’ your taste buds will not know.

This happens due to swelling inside the nose, which affects the neurons that eventually alters your smell and taste. Most recover their smell and tasting capacity in a few weeks to months. So can it not be affected for longer, well it may. 

Yes, there are some cases where the smell and taste loss could be longer or even permanent, this condition is called Anosmia or smell blindness, Parosmia on the other hand means distortion in the perception of smell (things smell differently to the patient).

There is hope though, it is very much possible to regain your sense of smell and taste but even if you can not there are ways that modern medical science have come up with, like smell training

What is necessary to know, it may not be because of the corona. The common cold virus also suppresses the smell and it can block your ability to taste. Rather there are some oral problems that may also affect your smell and taste. If you have lost or haven’t regained your taste, visit your nearest best dentist today to consult about the root cause and further treatment options.

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