Your Teeth Hates Your Chewing Gum


Your teeth and Chewing  gum are enemies for life! Remember that faint strain you felt when you chew on something for a long time? That is because chewing for a long time irritates your teeth and jaw.

Chewing gums have become a symbol of being cool, but it is stressful for your oral health. That certainly does not mean we should spit the gums right this moment, but we must know how much is overdoing. 

Chewing bubblegum has been proven harmful to our oral health because it has sugar which will cause cavities and gum problems. There are some rather ghastly repercussions of chewing bubblegum and Chewing gum for prolonged periods, like:


  • Chewing bubblegum may affect the tooth fillings that are applied to the tooth with a cavity or dislodge the crowns or caps. Even though there is no harm to your health, it certainly will damage the teeth and gums
  • Sugar in bubblegum can cause cavities because it will be essentially as if we are dipping our teeth in sugar syrup.  
  • The jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) can get overstressed if we keep on chewing for a long time, it can also start to pain. 
  • Your tooth enamel (the surface of the tooth) can get spoilt due to regular chewing, this can additionally change the adjustment of your teeth.

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Does that mean you may never chew on gum again? No, but do make sure to pick the one with no sugar or xylitol (chemical compound) and of course pay attention to how long you chew. You should also talk to your dentist regarding the same. 

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