COVID-19: Look Through Better Oral Hygiene


COVID-19 has given a new definition of cleanliness and hygiene. Personal hygiene as well has never been so important. By now we all know how to do it! Regular handwashing, sanitising is a must when it comes to personal hygiene which is undoubtedly the most important.


Having said that, oral hygiene has its own role when it comes about COVID-19 or personal hygiene. When it comes to oral hygiene, one must pay attention to it irrespective of the pandemic. But with the pandemic, it becomes our priority to maintain basic hygiene to protect us as well as the ones who are around us.


Toothbrush = No Sharing - Irrespective of the relationship, sharing a toothbrush is a big no-no. Because this is the prominent way through which virus and blood-borne diseases can be spread. You should also ensure that toothbrush heads are apart from the other person's toothbrush in the kit. 


Close the toilet lid before flushing - Most of us keep our toothbrushes in the toilets or maybe near the toilet seats. You must know that every time someone flushes, the bacteria will travel and may land on the toothbrush. Here your job comes to make sure that your brush is at some distance away from your toilet seat or you can always close the lid before flushing.


Do the basics - As mentioned above, our oral health must be our priority. Visiting a dentist, changing your toothbrush etc. comes to your checklist along with the basics to-do habits to keep your oral health game strong. 


  • Brush twice a day with a fluoride infused toothpaste
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Cut down on sugary food items
  • Make flossing and mouthwash your after-meal friends


Also, wear your mask properly. It is for your betterment only. And if at all you have the phobia of going out and visiting a dentist because of the virus. Let us tell you that you can also video visit the dentist right from your home. India's best dentists bring standardisation, affordability and accessibility for one and all. With MyDentalPlan, you don't even need to step out. Your dentist is available to help you with a video consultation. What else do you need?

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