Your Radiant Skin Needs Oral Care


While worrying about your skin and buying expensive products you do not even imagine in the wildest dreams that your oral health can play any role there. In fact, there is a very specific oral health and skin wellness relationship, avoiding which will only make you more vulnerable to skin issues.

Why vulnerable? Because there are some very harmful bacterias that reside in your mouth and it is possible for them to make their way into your bloodstream and cause issues like inflammation, irritation, rashes and breakouts.

Remember those dreadful acnes that teens and young adults suffer from? Since most individuals have imperfect smiles, bad oral health and/or unpleasant dental conditions, it results in stress build-up which further worsens the skin condition. Moreover, if you see recurring acne in the areas near the upper lip, cheek, nose and chin can be a sign of poor oral health. Acne may also be a symptom of gum or tooth decay which is a very serious condition. Rashes or acne near your chin can be caused by bacteria dripping out of your mouth while brushing, so make sure to wash your face post brushing your teeth.

Depending on the acne, breakout or rashes position, it is possible to find out the actual reason behind it and where exactly you need help for your oral health. To avoid all these conditions due to bad oral health make sure that your oral health is in optimal condition and your daily oral routine is to the point. 

You must also visit a good dentist every six months without fail. Where to find the best dentist near you? We got you covered, at MyDentalPlan - India’s largest dental network, know everything about your oral care!


To set appointments for consultations and treatments along with the facility of treatment cost financing options visit Pay more attention to your oral and skin wellness, do not wait around as these issues have a tendency to get worse with time.



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