What comes to your mind when we say gut health? Indigestion, gas, bloating etc. But did you ever speak to your  dentist regarding the same? We are not surprised if the answer is no. 

While it is never discussed with the dentists. However, we firmly believe it should be because the symptoms in the mouth have some or the other relationships with the overall body. This is why we say, oral health has links with 120+ systematic diseases.

Here we are to unfold the relationship between mouth and gut. There is an urgent need for you to understand what and when you need to discuss with your dentist whenever you feel any disturbance in your gut health. 


Because Your Gut Health Matters!

Your gut health doesn't only revolves around having an upset stomach or avoiding indigestion but it also balances your digestive system for better functioning. Here are some of the aspects which links your gut health and oral health - 

  1. Mental health conditions
  2. Energy levels
  3. Weight gain
  4. Behavioral issues 
  5. High blood sugar and cholesterol
  6. Fatigue and depression
  7. Nutrient malabsorption


And the list goes on.

Now you see, when your gut is not well, you are not well either.

As per our research and studies, any burning sensation in the mouth or burning mouth, bad odour from the mouth, dry mouth or sore tongue are a few of the symptoms to predict the damage that occurred in the stomach.

The aforesaid symptoms predicting the damage in your stomach will also help you know the harm it may cause to your oral health. Because of course, the burning sensation starts right within your mouth.

So, next time you feel anything wrong in your gut starting from the burning mouth, rush to the dentist to rule out the problem. And yes, ruling out problems isn't rocket science if you are at the right dentist’s door.


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