Don’t Colour Your Toothbrush Red

Most of us like the teeth colour red, we get reminded of the beautiful valentines day cards and roses and other pretty things. But during caring for your oral wellness you must remember too much red is bad!

Usually, people think a little blister in the mouth is common but even that little bit of red while rinsing your mouth or brushing is not so common. 

These can be signs of some deep-rooted problems. Here are some reasons why you may see some blood in your mouth:


  1. Subconsciously grinding teeth or clenching your jaw is called bruxism which can lead to damage and bleeding of the gums. 
  2. Gum diseases, also called periodontal diseases like periodontitis can also be the reason for gums to bleed. 
  3. Extraction of a tooth may lead to unusual bleeding at times if the patient removes the gauze placed by the dentist before time or eats and drinks something prohibited by their doctor.
  4. Leukaemia (blood cancer) can also cause the gums to bleed.
  5. The deficiency of vitamins like C and K can also be causes for the gums to bleed.
  6. During pregnancy it can be common for some women to see some bleeding of the gums, the hormones are to be blamed. 
  7. Bleeding-clotting disorders like haemophilia can also increase the risk of bleeding gums.


What should one do if they see blood?

There is no home remedy or a ready-made medication for stopping the gums to bleed, it can be an alarming situation and needs to be looked at by an experienced dentist.

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