Oral Health Is Related To Gut Health

Even after having a loving partner in life, you may still get terrible heart burns. Do not curse the food for your upset stomach, it could very well be your oral health. Yes, gut health is related to oral health in more ways than we want to believe!


It has been established that oral health is related to 120+ systemic diseases, gut is no exception to that. There are many good and bad microbes in our mouth, if some bacteria that have the capacity to influence gut health, translocates to the gut, it can harm your wellbeing.


If an imbalance is created due to an increase in the bad bacteria in the gut, the immune system gets alarming signals this can be detected by doctors by examining your dental health. 


There are several oral conditions that can affect gut health:


Gingivitis- The bleeding gum condition that is caused by plaque-causing bacteria and can eventually turn into worse conditions like periodontitis.


Dental Decay- With weakened immune systems it is difficult for the body to defend against the decay-causing bacterias and this shall cause teeth to decay and further release toxins.


Tooth Decay in Children- Cavities in children seem very common but if the infection sets in, it becomes difficult to reverse and may also cause halitosis and fungal infections.


To avoid your oral and gut health being harmed, you may choose to eat right and take care of your oral well-being by concentrating on some important points:


-Eating fibre-rich foods

-Avoiding processed foods because of all the preservatives added to them

-Replenishing probiotics (good gut bacteria)

-Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day

-Awareness about oral diseases will help you keep vigilant

-Regular dental check-ups are a necessary part of your overall wellness


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