Did You Know About ‘Hot Tooth’ Condition?


Remember that sick feeling you must have felt while suffering from the flu, that fearsome fever is actually your body’s way of indicating that there is something wrong with you. When your body detects infections and tries to fight them off, you feel feverish. 

The ‘Hot Tooth’ condition isn’t much different than that. Don't be scared, be prepared. Let us tell you all about this horrible sounding dental problem.

When your innermost core of the tooth (the pulp) gets inflamed it causes pain and eventually the problem of Irreversible Pulpitis which is also called the ‘Hot Tooth’ condition. It is not the temperature of the tooth but the condition. 

The causes are as important as ‘Hot Tooth’ repercussions. It may be caused due to deep-seated cavities, heavy filling, trauma to the tooth, teeth grinding or recurrent dental work on one tooth.

You must know and look for symptoms of the ‘Hot Tooth’ condition to get it diagnosed sooner. 


‘Hot Tooth’ Symptoms:


-Dull Pains

-Extreme Sensitivity

-Lingering Pain 

-Spontaneous Pain

-Referred Pain (pain occurs somewhere else, where it did not originate)

-Severe Unbearable pain when you sleep

-Unable to drink normal temperature water

-Unable to chew even softer foods


Isn't the name as scary as the definition but do not panic, this certainly does not mean that your tooth can not be saved or treated or the pain won’t go away. 

There are certain techniques, Restoration of the tooth with filling or Root Canal Treatment, that a well-experienced dentist will use to clean the infected or inflamed pulp and save the tooth, this will relieve the pain.


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