Are You Aiming For A Kiss-Worthy Smile?


Valentine's Day is here and we want to drive your attention towards self-love this time because we know, your partner is head-over-heels with you already and we love you no less! Therefore, we are striving hard to be the evil eye saviour when it comes to your oral health which clearly has links with your love life. :P


Here are some top secrets from our expert's deck to show your oral health the love it deserves - 


Break-up with bad breath -

In order to get "closer in the back seat of his rover" you need to break the ties with bad breath. Bad breath - caused by the bacteria in your mouth can be a turn off for you, as well as your partner. 

Ensure you smell fresh because if bad breath persists, you may end up with a serious condition e.g. gum disease or even a break-up. :D


Share a kiss, but not a toothbrush

Love knows no boundaries! From sharing your happiness or sorrows, highs and lows, to sharing hoodies. :D But spare the toothbrush which may have a lot of viruses and bacteria. Not just that but it can also spread diseases if shared with anyone. 


Fluoride Products -

Be it your toothpaste or mouthwash, ensure it has fluoride in it to prevent cavities and empower your oral health. Because it’s just not you and your partner who should stay strong together but your teeth deserve this togetherness too.


Plan Teeth Whitening

We know a healthy smile is key. While we never commit that only white teeth are healthy teeth. However, brighter smiles are a cherry on the cake that will boost your confidence. Teeth-whitening is the solution. Consult your dentist around for the suitable teeth whitening procedures to go with. But don't become a dentist yourself, avoid doing any experiments with your pearly whites.


Date Your Dentist Twice A Year

Nooo, it's not cheating. Rest assured, your partner won't object if you go to visit your dentists twice a year for the sake of your oral health. Or if he doubts, take him along, it's no harm. :P Solidify your relationship with your oral hygienist and fly with colours and bright smiles.


Major couple goals, right!


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