Did you ever stop to think about those crooked teeth, you have been ignoring all your life and avoiding braces for their treatment? Why exactly do you need braces and why can't you have crooked teeth? Why must you straighten your smile, is it purely aesthetic based or does this “cruel-seeming” oral procedure bring some good to your oral wellness?

Braces do not just straighten crooked teeth but also align the upper and the lower jaws, correct misaligned bites, arrange crowded teeth in alignment, reduces extra spaces in between teeth, relieves pressure on temporomandibular joints (joints of the jaws) and of course, improves the aesthetics of the smiles.

What braces exactly do is, they put constant pressure on your teeth over a long period of time which slowly moves the teeth towards a specific direction. That is how your teeth turn from crooked to straight. 

These braces consist of bands, wires and/or other fixed/removable corrective tools but it does not mean everyone gets the same kind. Kind of braces surely depends upon the individuals’ needs. You may need only to wear fixed braces for some time, fixed or removable retainers or may need bite correction surgery, depending upon your situation.

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Self-Ligating Braces Vs Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces 

High-grade stainless steel is used to make traditional metal braces. Metal brackets and archways are used to straighten your teeth. These brackets can be attached to the front of the teeth or backside of the teeth, or bands are fitted around each tooth. A flexible wire, also known as an arch wire, runs along the dental arch, this holds these brackets in place. There may also be bands (made of rubber) present or metal ties that link the said brackets to the wire. Thereby, more pressure is created by these bands to straighten the teeth.

Self Ligating Braces

With advancements in technology, dentistry has also become easier for both dentists and patients. Self-ligating metal braces are made of the same stainless-steel material but they do not need these bands or wires to hold on to the brackets. As a result, self-ligating braces cause less friction on the teeth.

Why don't self-ligating braces need elastic bands?

As the same size as traditional braces, self-ligating braces have specially designed clips that hold the arch wire in place to guide the teeth in the correct direction and straighten the smile. Unlike elastic bands, the said clip required lesser adjustments in a longer period which cuts down the dentist visits significantly and lessens the treatment time.

Advantages of Self-Ligating Braces

Better Efficiency at Visits- Does not need to be adjusted every 4-6 weeks since the braces are free to slide along the wire, the appointment can be extended to 2-3 months.

Reduced Discomfort- There is no significant discomfort once you get used to braces at the beginning since self-ligating braces allow freedom of tooth movement.

Faster Treatment- Exudes efficient pressure and notably less friction on the teeth that helps with faster straightening.

Easy Cleaning- Ligatures (bands) can trap food around brackets, since self-ligating brackets do not have them, they are easier to clean.

Oral health is the window to your overall health, braces are not just a way to make your smile prettier it is also the way to help your oral wellbeing. You must ask your dentist which braces suits your condition better. Everybody must visit their dentist once in six months and heed the doctor’s advice.

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A myth that mostly floats around is that braces are only for the kids and adults will need to wear them way longer in case they need to straighten their teeth. Whereas, there is more than one factor for braces to work i.e; movement of teeth for a particular case selection. Even in children, it takes time in cases that have a lot of work to be done on the dental arch.

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