Dangerous Oral Health Reel Trends


Social media has made our lives a lot easier and entertaining. Inspirational IGTVs, memes, stories relatable to your life, payments via the app within seconds or entertaining reels gives us a lot as an individual to learn, grow and do things at ease. But little did we know, that everything has its repercussions as well. So does social media. And you better take us seriously when we'll tell you about the dangerous trends that may harm your oral health.

We told you, we are not kidding! Want to know how? Of course, what else we are here for!

Trends are now a part of our lifestyle and are entertaining. However, the concern arises in dangerous behaviours. No, you don't need to go back to the beginning. We agree, trends are entertaining and a fun way to express yourself or to connect with others but they can certainly lead to long-term health hazards. And lately, a few of them are leading to damaging your gums or pearly white teeth.

While these trends are not backed by any evidence. However, millions of people scrolling throughout the day might follow the same which may be harmful to their health. Keeping in mind the reach and power of social media, people may not check the one trending or may become a part of the bandwagon effect.

A few of the silliest trends around oral health includes drinking apple cider vinegar to lose weight. Though no trusted study backs the same but consumption of apple cider vinegar can wear away the enamel of your teeth. Result? Tooth sensitivity, decay or maybe the colour change in your teeth.

Another one on the list is the trend of brushing with charcoal to get whiter teeth. This "life hack" may whiten your teeth a little but is also gritty and abrasive.

How can we miss the fever of Halloween? Teenagers glue accessories to their teeth with nail adhesive. Dear teens, if you're reading this piece of information. Please note, those adhesives are toxic and can lead to gingival inflammation. And you may end up with a root canal treatment.

We have a long list and can't bring each one of them. But didn't want to miss on the ones who file their teeth. Exactly the way they file their nails. Is it silly or funny? 

We'll say regretting!

Because the permanent sensitivity or nerve damage one can get is going to leave the person in tears of regret when it will be too late to understand.

And the list goes on and on and on and on (we know it's a reel-trending song too) ;)


We agree we can't sweep the clouds of the reel from social media. But we can ask you to consult India's best dentists and learn from them what's best for your oral hygiene game. And of course, we know how much you love scrolling throughout your day lying in bed. That's why - video consultation. No stepping out, no ditching to your beds, no more excuses. MyDentalPlan - India's largest dental network is right at your fingertips to assist you with all that you want!



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