Don’t Go to Mr Google For Dental Worries


We no longer go to the libraries or question the experts for any knowledge on any of the topics, we simply “Google it.”


Google may know everything but who is to say the information available is authentic. Additionally, where exactly to look for the correct guidance.

Nine out of ten times if you Google a superficial symptom the exaggerated medical diagnosis will suggest a very grim ending but is that the case? It is just an information platform, not a diagnostic tool, let the professionals handle your complications. 

Google did not study and practice dentistry year after year to become the subject matter expert and it can not identify non-apparent problems for you which in reality is very necessary to avoid later complications.

Attempting to identify symptoms by yourself with the help of the internet may lead to misdiagnosis. Moreover, who is to say once a person self-diagnoses they won’t self prescribe medications as well. 

There is also a serious possibility that “Mr Google” may miss a significantly grave symptom which could lead to severe problems later. A regular update on your oral wellness will keep many troubles at bay.

Visiting a good dentist once every 6 months should be a priority. Make sure to also visit, if and when you feel any discomfort or have a doubt about a condition. But visiting a good dentist during a busy schedule may seem like a big task to the lot of us. 

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The truth lies with the lack of credible information in India where Google doesn’t help either. To find the best dentist near you is a laborious process, chiefly because of the uneven oral care which creates doubts for the common man. 

Standardisation in care, cost and approachability shall solve all the problems, which is why MyDentalPlan is here to support you at every step of the way. 

From PAN India presence, 4000+ best dentist and standardised cost to treatment cost financing, elaborate-IT platform and beneficial dental plans, a one-stop solution; MyDentalPlan- India’s largest dental network.



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