Did you know, Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Be it permanent hair removal, a tattoo gone wrong or Lasik (laser vision correction), you probably know of the fantastic advantages that lasers bring into our lives.

Here is a lesser-known fact about dentistry! Aside from dermatologists, your dentist also uses laser is for a multitude of oral preventive and treatment procedures.

Use of Laser in Dentistry

Laser has been used in dental procedures since 1994. Aesthetic procedures to enhance your smile needs state-of-the-art techniques and Lasers are a big part of that revolutionary and futuristic objective.

Dental procedures that use laser

Tooth decay - Before laser during tooth decay treatment, dentists had to manually scoop out the bacterial calcification (bacterial enzymes). Now the laser is used to decalcify the decay.

Teeth whitening - Before laser more amount of bleach would be applied and left for a longer duration making the patient uncomfortable and with not highly effective results. Now with laser bleaching, the teeth whitener is activated by laser which speeds up the process.

Gum cleaning & disinfection - Without laser, gum cleaning is done using a curette that scrapes away the debris. With a laser, the process is quicker and automatic.

Laser-assisted periodontal (gum) therapy - Laser helps sterilise or decontaminate the gums, remove diseased tissue and help to heal. The use of scalpels, sutures, etc, is reduced significantly.

Mole/skin tag removal from face - without laser the skin tags get removed by the surgical method that cuts the tissue out. This might leave some of the tissues around the root and the regrowth is very much probable. However, when the laser is used to cut out the skin tags from its root it prevents regrowth and does the job quickly with minimal to no blood loss.

Disinfection of root canals during RCT - Used to disinfect the root canals of the tooth during root canal treatment. In the traditional method biochemical process, hypochlorite is used to clean the debris and/or canals.

Biostimulation for good oral hygiene - When the laser is used in biostimulation it reduces inflammation, improves regeneration and healing of the tissues. However, the same if left on the body’s natural healing ability, will take longer and may cause a lot of discomforts.

Intraoral minor surgeries - Removal of small cysts or infected teeth or inflamed gums in the mouth with the use of the laser can reduce the time and discomfort remarkably. Conversely, the use of manual dental tools may take longer procedural time and could prove useless for difficult to reach areas.

Laser brought in a level of convenience to procedures of dental treatments. It is an amazing technique because it enables reach in difficult areas and is very effective in completing the job in lesser sessions. 

Laser powered cosmetic dentistry is an easy way to improve your smile. And we are here to assist your lifelong dream of having a million-dollar smile without having to spend millions.

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