We all have heard about tooth decay or cavities. Right! We have all known about that little black spot that can eventually turn into big decay and potentially result in pain, dental ulcers swelling or even tooth loss.

No doubt, the damage starts from the dental plaque which plays a vital role in the tooth decay process but even after that there are stages of tooth decay. We thought of giving a detailed insight to treat it right there on time.

Let's examine the same in detail - 

Stage 1: Initial demineralization

Did you see the white spot on one of your teeth? It might be because your teeth are exposed to acids and enamel is losing the mineral. This is also the initial sign of tooth decay.

Stage 2: Enamel decay

With the continuation of tooth decay, the enamel will further break down and the white spot will darken to brownish colour. With weakened enamel, small holes in the teeth known as  cavities will occur.

Stage 3: Dentin decay

Gradually the tooth decay will proceed faster and will reach the dentin. Once you begin experiencing sensitivity while having hot or cold foods/drinks, is when your dentin starts to decay.

Stage 4: Pulp damage

Next is when you experience pain in the innermost layer of your tooth. Your pulp begins to swell and become irritated. This leads to pain because of the damage and causes necrosis.

Stage 5: Abscess

With the advancement of tooth decay into the pulp, invasion of bacteria can cause an infection known as tooth abscess. It can cause severe pain that may radiate into your jaw.


A tooth abscess stage requires your prompt attention and treatment and the treatment that's recommended for the decay depends completely on the stage. For that, you just need to visit your dentist to help you with the right treatment.

We know, the right treatment has to have the right dentist as a prerequisite. With MyDentalPlan, consult India's best dentists and get a treatment plan as per your stage of tooth decay. India's largest dental network is striving hard to make oral care accessible for all with the best uniform prices.



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