Stay Away From Dental Faux Pas


To look presentable is all that we crave. Where appearance and looks are everything, owning a bright smile is a big hit. While we know the basics which revolve around brushing twice a day and cutting down the sugar. However, this is not it. 

In our minds, we are the experts. Still, a couple of holes can lose it all. Let's understand better - 


No Rinsing - Nowadays, most toothpaste has fluoride infused with it. Yes, they're good too for your pearly whites and this is why to let the magic work you must spit out the excess fluoride once you are done brushing. Don't rinse it.


Is brushing a quick fix? - NOOOOO! A big NO. When you have anything acidic or sugary right before going to bed; rushing for a quick brushing is not a smart choice. Hey, we know your intentions were right. But this is not how it works. Brushing straight away could also brush away the fragments of your teeth which may even lead to toothache and tooth sensitivity. Give it an hour or so, it is always beneficial to have a little patience.


Don't go crazy while brushing - Yes, your enamel is the hardest substance in your body that doesn't mean it cannot be damaged. Ensure to be firm and gentle while brushing and cleaning your teeth. Brushing too hard or for too long can never going to benefit you in any way.


Apart from the aforementioned ones, there is no exception to sharing your toothbrush as well. It is not at all safe for you and your loved one too. You have other ways to share the moments of love, not toothbrushes, please. 

Also, there's a lot more to your oral health than you think. India's best dentists empanelled with MyDentalPlan can help you discover the other side as well. What is the wait then??

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