Dos And Don'ts After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a very normal and relatively speedy procedure of dentistry. It is done by dental practitioners using local or general anaesthesia. One may need to have a tooth extracted for a number of reasons like the decay of teeth which is not treatable, mobile teeth, over-retained milk teeth or in a few cases where extraction is required before the treatment of braces, etc.

However, remembering what to do after tooth extraction is as important as getting professional medical assistance on time. One does not need medical knowledge to know that after tooth removal the socket (area of gum where the tooth used to be) is very tender and may continue to bleed, resume bleeding and/or pain for a few days.


Some symptoms are expected post-removal but asking your doctor what to look out for and what may be a red flag can help you a long way. We are also here to remind you of the “after extraction of tooth and what to do checklist.”