What? Haven't heard about the "smile diet"!! See, we keep telling you that we won't leave any stone unturned to look after you and your smile. 


So let's talk about your "smile diet" today. By now we know that sugary drinks and food can degrade your oral health. But do you know the practicality and science behind it? We keep laying our emphasis on stronger teeth because we may not know, but teeth are fragile. Just because they help you with the leg piece or some hard stuff doesn't mean they are not soft. Yes, they are. Also, they get affected by everything you consume.

But the most damaging of all is sugar which makes acid in your mouth once it combines with the bacteria. Now you know the real problem, right! It doesn't end here and follows the weak tooth enamel, cavity, gum diseases etc. 

Oh yes, how can forget the attacking acid we just talked about? It stays there in the mouth and comes into action every single time you eat or drink anything. Criticality subjects to what you are eating and once it starts; there's no U-turn. 

Not really happy after reading this? Well, how can we leave you sad!!

Here's the good news. "Smile Diet" can help. But you certainly have to keep a few Dos and Don'ts in mind.

Right when you start "nom nom nom" ensure you have lots of green fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, include whole grains, lean proteins and fat-free dairy foods into your diet.

On the other hand, cut down on sugary drinks, cookies, candies, etc. Don't fall for the trap when people offer you some cookies because they can't finish it off on their own.

Relax, everything is fine in moderation. We won't stop you totally. Just the way we read the food pyramid to learn the importance of a balanced diet. And yes, brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning are the saviours. Count on them and of course your dentist. 


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