Phase-out The Addiction Of Sugar


We absolutely don't want to sound stupid that's why we aren't asking you how much you love your ice cream or cake. Because there's enough data to understand the love of sugar. 


Right from your birth to your first day at school or board examination, to your wedding, to your parenthood; "Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye" is stuck in our lives forever. As per the data, an Indian consumes approximately 19 kgs of sugar per year. Too much to process? Or too close to the dangers you may get by the hazards of sugar!!

Never realised it, right?

Relax, it's not your fault. One teaspoon of sugar in your cup of tea won't let you realise what it accumulates by the end of the day. But now when you know, don't ignore the consequences it has on your oral health.

And yes, not just oral health in the form of tooth decay or cavities but your overall health is also in danger. High sugar consumption can also increase the chances of an individual ending up having diabetes and heart-related diseases. 

What next? Of course, cutting down on sugar consumption. And the best way to slash it is by quitting to have it in your tea or coffee. We know it hurts! But we also know what hurts more, right!

Also, how about some exemptions. If at all you have cravings, go for natural sweeteners like fruits with no added sugar. Because we know how important it is to satisfy your sugar cravings.


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