Tricks To Outsmart Your Sweet Tooth

Those midnight cravings, sugar temptations and then binge-eating! We all have treated those cravings. Because clearly, ignoring them is easier said than done.

While we all took a moment to agree, however giving a solution to every problem that can lead to the dental issue is our forte. Therefore, here we are with an alternative to trick these happy highs on sugar cravings rather than treating them every single time.

We aren’t asking you to cut down on sugar completely but even after exhausting your daily limit of sugar consumption and still, your candy bowl is tempting to an extent, you can easily trick those cravings with these alternatives –

Sugar-free gums

Pop in sugar-free gum whenever your mood asks you for a sweet treat. It won’t help you just in swapping your sugar cravings but will also clean your mouth with the leftover food particles.

Healthy Substitutes Nearby

Another trick is to become friends with the sugar substitutes like apple, cherry, strawberry etc. that has a natural sugar level along with the nutrition for your overall body.

Proper Intake Of Protein

This might be surprising for you as a fact but true. Sugar cravings take place because of low protein levels. Exactly when your body is in need of energy and sugar is undoubtedly a quick fix. So, a better protein diet is a must to reduce sugar cravings.

And if at all you consume sugar at a moderate level, following a good oral health regime is an essential part. Brush properly, floss and clean your tongue after satisfying your sugar cravings is advisable. Of course, visiting a dentist regularly is a must and easy as well with MyDentalPlan - India’s largest dental network.



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