Dental Hacks For The Busy Lifestyle


Being able to look out for your oral health anytime, anywhere is not a big deal anymore. In this DIY world, one thing is for sure, any time or effort-saving hacks are always welcome and it is no different when it comes to our oral health.


In order to keep our teeth cavity-free and our oral health strong, balance is all that is required. We are aware that post-eating, the bacteria in our mouth creates acid, altering the pH levels, making our teeth susceptible to decay.

But you can always fast-track the mouth back to a healthy pH level. How? It is easy!

  1. Sugar-free gum chewing after eating, encourages saliva production and flow.
  2. Controlling binge-eating or snacking which will keep the pH of your mouth neutral and healthier for long. On average, it takes 20 minutes for the acidity to wear off after a snack but in the case of continuous munching, the acidity will definitely hang around longer.
  3. Drink plenty of water which will help the effect of acid to dilute properly.


Brushing twice a day is much easier said than done but there's a science behind brushing twice daily. Now when we know about the formation of plaque and cavities. Cleaning teeth at night removes most of the bacteria to minimise the damage and a little planning goes a long way. As we always suggest to brush, floss, rinse and pay regular visits to your dentist. We are proactively helping you with a one-stop solution for your dental problems as well. India’s largest dental network with specialised dentists and the standardised cost is all that one needs to solve problems when it comes to dental issues. MyDentalPlan not only helps you with ease but also shares the burden of budgeting your expenses by helping you to know your treatment cost beforehand.



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