Your Family History And Teeth!!


Yes, you read it right! Like every other systematic problem, your family history plays a crucial role when it comes to your teeth as well.

Your genetic cycle may provide a window to such problems and getting a better understanding of family history will give you wings to keep your dental hindrances at bay.

So now on, it's just not the chocolate that may cause cavities but it may be your genetic factors too.

Just not the cavities, but your gum health has a role for your genes as well, shocking? Don't be! Gingivitis - the first stage of gum disease which will cause swollen or bleeding gums will eventually develop into periodontitis, if not taken care of or treated properly. And if untreated even further, will lead to tooth loss. But where the family history comes into the picture is the stage where one has to be extra careful if the family has gum health-related history. One must definitely not ignore early signs of the same.

Something which is not genetic but has a direct relationship is the way in which the parents and the children take care of their oral health. We as children, don’t just learn the values from our family but also the way we have to look after our health. Be it oral or systematic. What comes as the basic steps are brushing, flossing, rinsing and tongue cleaning along with eating healthy. But you need to also add the step of visiting a dentist regularly. If these are not being followed, whether that be anyone in the family, the probability of developing oral health-related problems will be high.

What remains the rule of thumb even if the genetics role remains the problem is maintaining good oral hygiene. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes and follow the habit of flossing, tongue cleaning and rinsing as well. That's it?

NO! Don't scroll up, we are telling you again to visit your dentists regularly and don't let your oral health settle for less. And that's it. You can have a healthy sparkling smile that lasts a lifetime if you head to your dentist’s advice. 

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