Let’s Not Be Fools-Teeth Are Not Tools


Did you know how powerful our bite is? It can exert pressure at an average of 200 pounds (90.7 Kg).

Maybe that is the reason why we have all used our teeth as tools at some or other point in our lives. DO NOT DO THAT…!

There is a reason doctors advice you to not bite your nails or open a bottle with your teeth or even carry things in your mouth, these actions truly hurt your teeth. Teeth are not meant to accomplish all those activities and to expect them to carry on like tools is unfair for your oral health. 

Children and adults alike may damage their teeth if they don’t limit themselves to using them just for the purpose of chewing food.

-Opening bottles with teeth may look cool but it is one of the worst things you can do to your dental wellbeing. This action can cause your teeth to chip, break or fracture.

-Cracking those nutshells seem so easy with your teeth isn’t it? Even the advertisements show the same, but this may damage your teeth and jaw beyond repair. Teeth are not designed to crack open or crush the hard outer shell of nuts.

-You have a few steps from your car to the inside of the house and need to carry grocery bags, why make two rounds, just hold one bag in your mouth? NO, using teeth to carry items can not just crack your teeth but also cause some serious oral and facial injuries.

-Why use a pair of scissors to open ketchup sachets, chips or cereal packs when we have our teeth handy? Because trying to tear or cut something open can lead to a cracked tooth and further damage.


Make sure you listen to your dentist, they are trying to keep you safe. Visiting a dentist twice a year should be a mandatory chore on your calendar. 


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