You must have heard that consuming vitamin C for good immunity against COVID-19 was trending all over the world. This is not a hoax!

Vitamins are very essential for our overall health. Vitamin C is an immunity booster and it is also a very necessary nutrient for your oral health. Not just your teeth, it is also significant for your tongue and gums. Vit C helps the connective tissues in the gums that eventually hold the teeth properly in place.

Since it is water-soluble it needs replenishing regularly for our body to avoid any deficiency because the deficit can cause many problems in the body. The deficiency however can be determined by looking at your tongue. Tongue’s colour and appearance changes with your health.


Let’s see what happens when the body suffers from Vit C deficiency:

-The gums become red and swollen, they may even bleed gums.

-The  tongue may look bumpy and glossy. This condition is called Scorbutic Tongue.

-There may also be red dots on the side of the tongue. 

-With worsening condition the teeth may fall out, that happens because of unhealthy gums, weak dentin (dentin is one of the 3 things teeth is made up of).


Diet plays a very significant role in providing enough vitamins to the body. Food that has high Vit C quantity, like Guava, Sweet red pepper, Lychee, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry etc, can be consumed to replenish Vitamin C but be careful as these fruits have citric acid which can cause sensitivity and demineralization of enamel.

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