In a battle of strength, your teeth will win against most substances in the world. Shocking isn’t it!

The enamel of your teeth is the hardest substance (harder than bones) in your body. Did you know, enamel has been distinguished as the second hardest substance, ranking close to the diamond, in the world?

But your teeth are made up of more than enamel, there is also Dentin, Cementum and Pulp. The enamel coating is rather thin on the teeth but even though enamel is not the only one running the show, it is a very significant aspect of your teeth. 

The teeth enamel is made up of 96% minerals which is why it is so strong and also damage-resistant! But one might ask if the enamel is so resilient, why do teeth chip and break. Enamel’s sturdiness gets affected due to demineralisation or erosion which renders the teeth vulnerable to harm. 

Other than injury, acidic food, dry mouth, acid reflux, bacterial toxins and certain medications are additional reasons that could make the enamel erode and demineralize.

Can teeth heal themselves like other body tissues? No, teeth will need assistance to be repaired when damaged. Skilled doctors use techniques like Sealants, crowns, fillings or veneers in order to mend the teeth.

It is imperative to visit a good dentist to keep up with your oral health even if your teeth seem fine. The enamel needs to be protected, waiting around for things to get worse will only make one suffer more. 

Choosing the best dental clinic or dentist is not that hard a job as we imagine it to be, knowing where to look makes everything easy-peasy. 

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