Want a kiss worthy smile? Here are five tips you need to follow right now!


A gorgeous look and a healthy smile are all you need to impress the love of your life. Having a bright, adequately cared for, and confident smile is one of the best ways to exude youthfulness.

If you want a kiss-worthy smile, you require fresh breath, and to prevent halitosis, make sure you brush your teeth at least two times a day, brushing your tongue to eliminate bacteria both from teeth and tongue.


Other than that, here are a few things that you can do to achieve a kiss-worthy smile:


  • Control your lousy breath: As per the oral health foundation, bad breath is one of the primary reasons why many first dates fail. It is caused by several problems such as inadequate oral hygiene, improper diet, gum diseases, etc. Check your mistakes to make sure your second date remains on the card.

  • Never share: Even after knowing it is bad for health, many people happily share their toothbrushes and tongue cleaner with their loved ones. Unfortunately, this makes you highly vulnerable to picking up several germs. Everyone's mouth is home to thousands of bacteria which get quickly passed from one person to another when you share your toothbrush. This also enhances the risk of colds, cold sores, and viruses.

  • Make use of fluoride toothpaste: Brushing your teeth regularly is one of the best ways to protect your teeth. Better is brushing using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride assists in preventing tooth decay and enhances oral health, which is why it is added to many tubes of toothpaste. Check your toothpaste tube to ensure you are benefiting to the maximum by brushing your teeth. Toothpaste with 9550 – 1500 ppm is the most effective.

  • Flossing: It does not matter how nicely you are brushing; it's not possible to reach the gaps that are present in between your teeth. This is the reason flossing is imperative. It assists in prohibiting the trapped food particles and plaque from getting buildup which is one of the primary causes of bad breath and gum problems. It also helps keep your teeth looking great, and you feel clean because of no yellowing and teeth stains in all crannies and nooks.


  • Go for teeth whitening treatment: As said earlier, a great smile occurs when you have a good set of teeth. If you see that your teeth are yellow, then it's time to work on them so that you can enhance their appearance. Visit your dentist and allow them to work on your teeth. They can carry out the required dental treatment, like teeth whitening treatment, to improve the whole appearance of your teeth. Such treatment makes your teeth white and bright so you can smile confidently and beautifully.

  • Rinse your mouth using a mouthwash: Food particles get stuck in the gaps between your teeth. This does not give a good look. Therefore, you can rinse your mouth using a good mouthwash once you finish your meals. This helps you to provide a beautiful, highly appealing, kiss-worthy smile. It also prevents the risk of bad breath.

  • Go for regular dental checkups: The best way to maintain your beautiful smile and prevent all nasty dental issues is by attending regular dental clinic visits. Covid-19 caused a high disturbance in people's lives, but it is vital to come back on track. Even though you feel like things are looking great and you feel okay, it is essential to maintain regular dental appointments to prevent issues before they start creating some major ones.


Stained teeth, gummy smiles, poorly shaped teeth, cavities, and yellow patches on your teeth are some of the significant barriers to an excellent, confident smile. Therefore, it's good to visit your dentist, get your dental checkup, and choose the required treatment. This makes your smile kiss-worthy. MyDentalPlan is India's most comprehensive dental network platform offering various dental services at your nearest place. So log onto MyDentalPlan to avail of exciting offers on your smile makeover.



About the Author:

Suprithi Choudhary, M.Pharm (Pharmacology) Medical Content writer

Suprithi is a Pharma Professional working as a medical content writer and previously worked as a Research Scientist and Senior Research Analyst


  • C.M Academy
  • Attended the Panjab University- Chandigarh, Pharma post-graduate in Pharmacology

Special thanks to Dr Deepak Kulkarni, a dental surgeon with over 23 years of experience who proofread this blog. He graduated from the H.K.E's Dental College, Gulbarga, and has certifications in ACHS International Accreditation Education Plan; Advanced Rotary Endodontic - Restorative Continuum; and Leadership, Team Building and Customer Service Leadership from the Oscar Murphy International.


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