5 travel tips that can keep your teeth healthy


Are you thinking of going on a vacation? Besides thinking of what to pack, where to live and when to travel, it's also essential to think about your teeth. They need equal attention and care on the road like you were at home.

Here are a few tips for your teeth while traveling that will protect your teeth


Tips for your teeth before the trip


  • Pack all essentials of your dental hygiene: Other than packing your toothbrush, floss and toothpaste, do not forget to pack the other dental accessories you use, such as your mouthguard and floss threaders for your braces, mouthwash, etc. It's convenient if you carry travel-size products, allowing you to travel light. If you use an electric toothbrush, don't forget to bring your adaptor.


  • Go for a dental checkup: Consultation with your dentist before you travel is also a good idea. Ask for a proper examination so your dental doctor can find out issues before they become potential emergencies. Most dental problems are easy to solve, and some of the complicated issues can be put off till you return.


During the trip


  • Allow air to hit your toothbrush: A wet toothbrush often breeds bacteria. So, always ensure your toothbrush remains covered in a container or a resealable Ziplock bag in your travel bag. This way, the bristle will stay clean and out of touch with other objects. Upon reaching your destination, please remove the toothbrush from the travel container and allow it to dry.


  • Have you forgotten your toothbrush?: If you have forgotten your toothbrush or your toothpaste, then do not worry. You can get a new one at your hotel front desk or nearby drugstore. And if dental products are not available, then what you can do is rinse your mouth correctly using water to wash away some of the bacteria.


  • Remain cautious with water: If you think your local water is compromised or it is not safe for drinking, you must avoid using it to brush your teeth and for rinsing your mouth. You can use bottled or boiled water no matter where you are.


  • Use chewing gum: Even if chewing gum is not recommended, you can do it while traveling. While on vacation, you cannot brush after each meal, for which chewing sugarless gum helps neutralize all mouth acids and enhances the saliva flow, thereby allowing all food debris to get washed away.


  • Emergencies: While on your trip, keep the dentist's number handy. You will be surprised to know that many dental issues can be solved by phone. If you are visiting the house of your friends or families, you can ask them to recommend a local dentist. The person sitting at your hotel reception can also recommend a good dentist. If you have travel insurance, the company hotline can tell you about a good dentist and sometimes provide translation if required. In any case, it's better to call the clinic and ensure that they follow standard regulations like using new gloves for every patient and sterilizing instruments.


After the trip, care for your teeth


  • Return to your dental care routine: we usually get lazy while on a vacation. As a result, you might skip brushing or flossing often and indulge in sodas and sweets. But do not allow those temporary habits to become permanent. Instead, go back to your daily routine of flossing and brushing to ensure your teeth remain healthy.


  • Revisit your dentist: If you face any problems or complications, it's best to visit your dentist after returning if you consulted another dentist. At the same time, on a trip then, you can update the same with your present doctor back home.



Follow these simple tips to prevent dental complications while on vacation. Invest some time in talking with your dentist before your trip to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. You can also Video Consult a dentist through MyDentalPlan.




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