What are the symptoms, causes, and treatment of Burning mouth syndrome?


Ever felt like your mouth is burning without eating anything that can cause a burning sensation in your mouth? You might be feeling confused about what can be the reason behind this unpleasant feeling. Burning mouth syndrome is one of the major causes of making you feel that way. Now, let us know what this burning mouth syndrome is.

It's a chronic condition that causes a burning sensation in your mouth. You can feel this burning sensation in your lips, throat, cheek, tongue, etc. Sometimes it will become so intense that you feel like you have burnt your mouth. This syndrome is also called stomatodynia or glossodynia.

Different kinds of burning mouth syndrome

There are two kinds of burning mouth syndrome.

  • Primary burning mouth syndrome arises without any underlying condition or specific cause. It is because it is often diagnosed without any clinical signs and is characterized as idiopathic. It is usually very frustrating for patients.
  • Secondary burning mouth syndrome is related to underlying issues such as diabetes. It is helpful for your dentist to diagnose and discriminate this particular condition from dry mouth.


One of the common symptoms of burning mouth syndrome is a severe burning sensation. Most commonly, symptoms start in the morning and remain throughout the day before they reach a high-intensity level. However, this varies from person to person as the syndrome affects everyone very differently.

While the discomfort is consistent, for some people, it is occasional.

Causes of burning mouth syndrome

  • Dry mouth: When your mouth lacks the required saliva, you will get that dry, uncomfortable feeling called dry mouth. This oral condition is caused by several factors like diseases that impact the salivary gland, medications, hormonal changes, etc. The chronic dry mouth even contributes to burning, mouth soreness, etc.


  • Nutritional deficiency: Nutritional deficiency also leads to burning mouth syndrome, especially vitamin B deficiency. Ensure you consistently eat a well-balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, dairy, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and some healthy proteins. Consult your doctor before taking nutritional supplements.


  • Irritation in the mouth: Some acidic beverages like soft drinks, overzealous tongue brushing, and overuse of mouthwash can cause mouth irritation. Avoid drinking irritating beverages if you feel a burning sensation in your mouth. Consult your dental professional about maintaining oral hygiene to see if they are the culprit of your mouth irritation.


  • Side effects of medicine: One of the causes of burning mouth is the use of specific medication associated with dry mouth and burning tongue syndrome. These medications mainly include antidepressants and ACE inhibitors. Antidepressants are sometimes used for treating BMS, so check with the medical professional before changing your medical regimen. Some of the drugs might cause dryness and soreness in your mouth. If you get any side effects from the medicine, consult your medical professional.
  • Oral conditions: The burning feeling in your tongue is also caused by another health condition called Candidiasis or oral thrush. Your dentist can better diagnose and offer options for decreasing all discomfort and pain.

Some of the other causes of burning mouth syndrome are

Underlying diseases that contribute to your symptoms include diabetes, thyroid problems, Siogens syndrome or other conditions associated with menopause, acid reflux or allergies.

Ill-fitted dentures can also irritate your mouth tissues. If you feel the burning sensation comes from your gums or places where your dentures come in contact with the cheeks or mouth roof, then you can consult your dentist.

Some of the mouthwash that contains alcohol causes dry mouth and leads to a burning sensation in your mouth. If you think the toothpaste or the mouthwash is the culprit, consider changing it.


It is vital to see your dentist for proper oral examination and evaluation. They will go through your medical history, try to find out the cause of the issue, and decide the next steps. Some medical tests include a blood test, saliva measurement, oral cavity biopsy, and radiographic imaging.

Here are a few tips that will give you short-term instant relief:

  • To get immediate relief, cut down on acidic food and drinks from your whole diet. Instead, you can take alkaline foods, apricots, potatoes, etc.
  • Keep some cool water handy that will help you.
  • Do not go for mouthwash.


Take the best care of your oral hygiene habits, attend regular dental appointments, and eat hygienic foods. But make sure you will not ignore your symptoms as you will never want to stay in discomfort. Do not suffer from burning mouth syndrome; get help from a dentist to find out the cause and get some relief. 

A dentist and another medical professional assist in identifying what is going on and looking for options for managing your pain and treating underlying issues. With MyDentalPlan.in you will get access to several dentists you can choose per your needs.




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