Ozone therapy- A painless way to eradicate tooth decay


For many people, dental drilling creates fear in their minds. The sound of drilling sends shivers down their spine. You can better understand this while sitting in the waiting room of the dental clinic. So, how can you decrease the chance of a dentist drilling your teeth? Well, that is as simple as avoiding the decaying of teeth. This means taking care of teeth regularly. You need regular brushing along with flossing that helps remove plaque. While it might sound quite paradoxical, the more you visit your dentist, the less likely you will need serious treatment.

But it does not matter how carefully you have looked after your teeth, sometimes you might get cavities. In such cases, a dental drill is unavoidable. But thanks to Ozone therapy, which assists in removing dental decay without requiring dental drilling. It is based on the concept that ozone will naturally destroy all bacteria that comes in contact with it. Once the bacteria is dead the chance of cavities in your teeth also reduces.

Ozone therapy - The ultimate action for disinfection

The revolution in ozone-dependent cavity treatment is moving forward. Ozone therapy opened the way for efficient, painless caries and root canal treatment using ozone. Delivering a high concentration of ozone takes disinfection to an entirely new level. For decades ozone has been used as one of the strong disinfectants in medicines. It is also called an ultimate disinfecting chemical.

While Ozone therapy is the best treatment and might represent a revolution in treating tooth decay, patients should also remember that treating decay does not mean removing the whole cavity. So, further treatment might be required when decay is severe and your tooth has suffered substantial damage. This involves filling the cavity or crown when a tooth is split or fractured. To get maximum success, it is essential to catch the decay as quickly as possible so you will not have to undergo painful dental proceedings. 

How does Ozone therapy work?

Ozone therapy constitutes a device that creates ozone from oxygen and puts it on that part of the tooth that is greatly affected by decay. The ozone destroys bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay. Research has shown that 10 seconds of ozone treatment helps kill 99 percent of your oral bacteria. When bacteria are killed, a substance encouraging remineralization can be utilized to supply minerals to the tooth that is damaged. This whole process repairs a lot of other damages that are caused by bacteria. This makes it more attractive than drilling away at the damaged parts. Sites having substantial decaying will need restoration. A white composite filling can be kept on the site to protect the tooth beneath. The size of the filling depends on the size of the cavity.

Significant benefits of Ozone therapy

  • Ozone therapy helps in making your teeth strong and decay-resistant. It eliminates bacteria and adds minerals that help in keeping your enamel healthy.
  • Ozone therapy is a painless process. It is done on the affected or decayed tooth for half a minute. In this period, the ozone will kill the bacteria, for which the patient will not need any injections or drilling, but after that, the decay has to be cleaned to be filled.
  • Is dental ozone therapy safe: Ozone therapy is one of the best treatments many dentists suggest in various situations. It is best to remove arresting decay in small children and can also be used to remove tooth decay and some deep decays. It is important to remember that ozone in Ozone therapy is safe for both adults and children.
  • As Ozone therapy eliminates decay and strengthens teeth without causing pain, it is highly used in gentle dentistry. This is a kind of dentistry specializing in treating individuals with a high level of anxiety or dental phobia. It brings together a wide range of pain-free treatments and methods with the latest technologies and dental atmosphere to generate a more reassuring consumer experience.
  • It is one of the best practices for dental phobia patients because it is painless and does not require any injections or drilling. It is often recommended for small children because of its painless feature. The treatment is completely safe both for adults and children.
  • It treats decay even in those areas that are otherwise difficult to reach and reduces the amount of  conventional drilling to fill up the cavity by which the tooth strength is not compromised..

Catching tooth decay is one of the best options

Even though Ozone therapy signifies a vital breakthrough in treating tooth decay, carrying out early diagnosis is highly important. Ozone therapy is one of the most efficient options, but when applied in the early stage of tooth decay. Learn more about Ozone therapy and how it works in minimizing the incidence of tooth-related issues at MyDentalPlan.in, India’s largest Dental network.




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