Are you storing your family toothbrush correctly?


Oral hygiene is crucial for all. Even if your teeth look healthy, you might not know about all the beneficial techniques for maintaining a healthy smile for several years. One vital oral health tool is your toothbrush. 

Your toothbrush is the first line of defense against gingivitis and decaying teeth. Therefore, it's essential to know how to store your toothbrush and your family's toothbrush. Storing your toothbrushes is not difficult, but it helps keep all extra germs and contaminants away from toothbrushes and the mouth.

How exactly are you maintaining your toothbrush? Well, there are so many different methods that also include some myths for maximizing toothbrush cleanliness.

Here are a few ways in which you can store your and your family member toothbrush properly:


  • Get some air: Many families use simple toothbrush holders to store the toothbrushes in between uses. This is a good option as it keeps your toothbrush in the open air so that it can dry well. As per ADA, a moist toothbrush kept in a closed container increases microbial growth. A medicine cabinet is one of the best solutions, but only if it has good airflow so that your toothbrushes dry up quickly. Keep in mind to clean the cabinet frequently to decrease the number of bacteria and microbes present inside.


  • Placement also counts: Always keep your toothbrush holder away from the sink and toilet. As per research, the toilet seat, lids, surrounding floors, and all nearby areas are highly contaminated because of the toilet flush and aerosols. So, you will never want those germs to get settled on your toothbrushes.


  • Also, keep your toothbrush close to the sink, where it gets flashed with soap water and other dirt water from handwashing. Look for a place in your bathroom corner far from the sink and the toilet when you have a small counter and less space. Look for a wall-mounted toothbrush holder placed far above the sink to prohibit splashing.


  • Keep your toothbrush in an upright position: After you have completed rinsing your toothbrush, it's essential to keep it in a good position, either in a holder or a cup. This helps in draining away the water from the toothbrush head.


  • Never share your toothbrush: Ensure every family member has a toothbrush of different color so you can easily distinguish it from each other. Also, ensure they do not touch each other inside the storage place; otherwise, germs will transfer from one brush to another.


  • Clean your toothbrush regularly: The storage containers of your toothbrush become dirt and messy very quickly. It is vital to clean them frequently to prohibit the buildup of dust, bacteria, and germs that can contaminate the toothbrush. Based on the container, cleaning them can be as simple as wiping them using an antibacterial cleaner, or you can wash them in your dishwasher.


  • Please use traveling cases: When you are out on the road, the person needs to ensure the traveling bag is not tightly holding the toothbrush. It requires room for breathing and also dries thoroughly after every use. There are also toothbrush sanitizers that can store your toothbrush even though there is no proof that they will enhance oral hygiene, but it offers you a clean zone for storing your toothbrush when it is not in use.


  • Know when to change your toothbrush: Every three months, it's essential to change your toothbrush. People should also replace their toothbrushes after recovering from a cold or other illness.


  • If you are storing your toothbrush perfectly, you are doing an excellent job. But if not, it's time to follow all the above guidelines immediately. A clean and adequately maintained toothbrush for you and your family helps enhance your oral health. You can also talk to your dentist for other valuable tips for maintaining good oral hygiene.


Maintaining you're and your family's toothbrush in the best condition is essential for the health of your gums and teeth. When a toothbrush is maintained correctly, it will last long and clean your teeth properly throughout its lifespan.  have many dentists who can offer sound advice on daily brushing habits and helps in enhancing your dental health on an everyday aspect. So, if you need extra handy tips for storing your toothbrush, you can contact any proficient dentist.




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