How does tongue cleaning improve your oral health?


Do people turn away from you when you are talking to them? Is it because you have a problem with bad breath? It is embarrassing and sad to see people turning away from you because of your bad breath. Well! There are various remedies and treatments available that can help you overcome destructive breath issues. But why choose these remedies when you can have a fresh breath by following proper dental hygiene. We all brush our teeth twice a day but do we brush our tongues twice daily? If not, then you are the one who is likely to suffer from bad breath. 

Improper dental hygiene gives rise to several dental problems, such as bad breath. You are maintaining good oral hygiene to fight off several dental issues. Just like brushing, you have to use a tongue cleaner twice daily. Tongue scraping is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene.

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What is tongue scraping?

Tongue scraping is a technique that involves scraping your tongue by using a particular device or a  toothbrush to eliminate excess plaque formed on your tongue. When you scrape or brush the surface of your tongue after brushing your teeth, it helps decrease several types of mutants of streptococci and other microbes growing in your mouth. 

Besides that, there is also consistent shedding of cells on the surface of your tongue epithelium and palate, which must be removed to avoid plaque formation. Therefore, an individual must carry out tongue scraping daily to maintain oral hygiene.

Tongue scraping is a regular habit and has been used since ancient times. But nowadays, it is receiving more attention because of its advantages in maintaining proper oral hygiene and decreasing problems related to bad breath.


How does tongue scraping benefit your oral and overall health?

  • Tongue scraping assists in promoting good digestive health. Digestion begins with taste, and regular tongue scraping boosts saliva production and promotes Agni (the body's digestive fire) to help with digestion throughout the day.
  • It decreases the growth of several bacteria in your tongue. It also helps in eliminating dead cell layers that form in your language.
  • Daily tongue scraping assists in preventing bad breath
  • It has a stimulating effect on your internal organs and boosts your taste buds.

What will happen if you will not clean your tongue?

If you do not use a tongue cleaner, you may suffer from various oral health problems like:

  • Gum weakening because of bacterial overgrowth changing the saliva composition. Saliva acts as a line of defense in your body and prevents harmful bacteria from entering your body. 
  • When excess debris gets collected on your tongue, it can make your body highly vulnerable to microbial attacks. 
  • It also impacts your teeth as it slowly disintegrates, leading to dental cavities.

So, to maintain good oral health, start cleaning your tongue as soon as possible.

Advantages of tongue scraping

  • Enhances sense of taste: Various research has shown that using your tongue cleaner two times a day assists you in getting a better taste of food. Tongue scraping enhances your tongue's ability to differentiate between sweet, bitter, sour, and salty flavors.


  • Enhances the tongue appearance: When there is a high amount of debris in your tongue, it looks white-coated rather than light pink. Using a tongue scraper helps eliminate this white coating and enhances the tongue's appearance.


  • Builds immunity: Using a tongue cleaner twice a day also helps build your immunity. According to research, cleaning your tongue for seven days helps decrease the occurrence of bacterial mutants such as Lactobacilli and Streptococci bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria cause bad breath and dental decay in your mouth.


  • Enhances your overall health: Tongue cleaning decreases the growth of bacteria, prohibiting gum diseases, cavities, and other conditions that affect oral health.


  • Decreases bad breath: Debris on your tongue because of food and dead cells promotes the growth of bacteria. These bacteria decompose the debris, and the process gives rise to a foul smell leading to bad breath. Tongue scraping helps eliminate this bacteria from the top portion of your tongue.

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Include tongue scraping in your daily oral health care routine

Even though tongue cleaning helps reduce bacterial build-ups, it is not a cure-at-all. It is essential to see a dentist if you have a chronic dry mouth or a hairy tongue. They will access and decide whether or not you are benefiting from regular cleanings, mouthwash, or other such options. In some cases, tongue scraping also shows symptoms that your dentist must evaluate, such as white patches. So, see a dentist immediately if you observe any issues in your mouth. MyDentalPlan allows you to consult with dentists both online and offline.




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