The Oral Health Benefits of Salt Water Rinse


You might have heard about the numerous benefits of salt water rinse for treating sore throat or using it for pain relief after any dental procedure or for your swollen gums. Rinsing your mouth with salt water is one of the easy and affordable home remedies for easing any kind of oral discomfort.

Since 1600 BC, the medicinal use of salt has been prevailing. In ancient medical scripts, the health benefits of salt have been depicted. It was a common belief that salt can quickly dry and disinfect your wounds. The people of the ancient Egyptian period used salt as an anti-infective solution. They were administered orally or applied as suppository or ointment.

How does Salt water rinsing before and after brushing help inhibit dental bacteria?

Salt is a mineral consisting of sodium chloride. Rinsing your mouth with sodium chloride promotes healthy gums and encourages rapid recovery from mouth ulcers. Rinsing your mouth with salt water before and after brushing your teeth has several other health benefits. Many dentists suggest using saltwater as it is a soothing agent and promotes rapid healing by decreasing inflammation. It kills bacteria and sends more white blood cells to the infected area.

Now you might be wondering how salt can help promote oral health

When dental plaque comes in contact with sugar, it generates acids that attack your tooth enamel. The buildup of plaque also causes gum disease. As per the Ministry of Health and Family welfare, bad oral hygiene and plaque accumulation give rise to gum disease. One of the best options to prevent gum disease is rinsing your mouth with salt water. It would help if you kept in mind that brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing and cleaning are vital parts of a healthy mouth.

Saltwater has high healing properties.

Your dentist might suggest rinsing your mouth with salt water after 24hrs of the tooth extraction procedure. Its natural healing properties can also ease discomfort from mouth sores.

Rinsing with salt water is very easy. All you require is some salt and some warm water. You can add ½ teaspoon of salt to a cup of lukewarm water. You can make use of this cost-effective method rinse for 

  • Soothing mouth sores
  • To get relief from pain after the tooth extraction procedure
  • Decreasing discomfort from sore throat and tongue. 

Salt water rinsing before and after brushing also protects your teeth

The enamel of your teeth requires a balanced Ph level. When the pH level of your mouth is shallow, your teeth' enamel will start eroding, leading to several oral complications. Ripping your mouth with warm salt water after consuming acidic foods or drinks like soda helps balance your mouth pH level and protects your enamel.

Some of the other benefits of salt water rinsing are

  • Decreases bad breath
  • Stops gum bleeding
  • Decrease respiratory infections

Brushing teeth with salt also has many benefits

Several products prioritize the application of salt in oral health. Using salt or sodium chloride as one of the main ingredients makes removing stains from your teeth easy. But salt brushing can be dangerous if it is not mixed with other ingredients such as glycerin, resins, and silica.

Even though salt water rinsing and using salt to brush your teeth has many benefits, they should not replace any oral hygiene routines. Brush your teeth twice daily and do interdental cleaning. Doing this helps remove plaque, food particles, and bacteria stuck between your teeth. Before using this at-home remedy, it's best to consult your dentist to know how and when to use it because nothing can beat a trip to your dentist. Scheduling a timely visit to your dentist is one of the best ways to ensure that your teeth and mouth are healthy.

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