Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?


Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars situated in the back of your mouth. Many people expect their wisdom teeth to erupt at some point or other during their late teenage period or early adulthood. While many of them just get one of four wisdom teeth, some do not have them at all. 

Getting wisdom teeth is common in people. But in general, they can also cause some other issues. When they are about to erupt you will experience slight pain in the gums. And when there is a lack of sufficient space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth, they get impacted below the gum's surface. In such cases, you have to remove them.

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Now that we know that not everyone has wisdom teeth, you might be wondering why some people do not get their wisdom teeth?

When you have a dental X-ray, it reveals whether you have wisdom teeth or not. If you don't have them, you might become surprised and think there is something wrong with your oral health. But in reality, it is okay not to have those third sets of molars. Even though the reason is not known, it might be because of genes. So, if any of your parents does not have wisdom teeth, you might not have them. Other factors that might affect the eruption of your wisdom teeth are environment, chewing function, and diet. But you should keep in mind that just because you cannot see your wisdom teeth, that does not mean they are not there. Sometimes, wisdom teeth are impacted or get stuck in your gums. Because of this, they fail to emerge.

A dental X-ray helps in detecting the impacted tooth. Your dentist might recommend the removal of the tooth to avoid gum infections and pain. Your dentist might also monitor your teeth and remove the wisdom teeth if it causes any problem.


When do wisdom teeth usually come?

Wisdom teeth emerge at various ages. Generally, you can expect your wisdom teeth to grow during your late teens or early adult years between the age of 17 and 21. But some people get their wisdom teeth early, and some people see it in later periods. If you want your wisdom teeth removed, get it done early in the initial stages of its growth as it is easy to do it when you are young. It is because the bones around the gums are soft, and the nerve roots are not formed completely.


But when our mouth already has 28 teeth, what is the purpose of wisdom teeth?

One of the popular beliefs is that our ancestor's wisdom teeth functioned for their chewing purpose. Today we are eating soft and very tender foods, all these factors causing the chances of losing teeth. Since our ancestors used to have hard foods and didn't go for timely dental appointments, they had to deal with multiple teeth and gum problems such as tooth loss or tooth decay. Thus, these wisdom teeth functioned as an additional teeth for chewing.

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When should you go to the dentist?

Not everyone is the same, and you do not know when your wisdom teeth will emerge. One of the primary indications of the impacted wisdom teeth is a pain in the back of your mouth. While you might get some gum or jaw pain, never make the mistake of ignoring the intense pain that offers the indication of an abscessed tooth. Visit your dental doctor and take the necessary action as per your dentist's treatment suggestions. Timely treatment for wisdom teeth helps in decreasing the chance of

  • Infection
  • Mouth cavities
  • Nerve pain
  • Shifting teeth
  • Loss of bone support


Some people do not have wisdom teeth, and you may consider yourself lucky that without your third set of molars, you are saved from the removal procedure. But when you have wisdom teeth that are not causing any issues, still you must visit your dentist every six months for dental checkups. Your dentist will check the emerging teeth and might suggest removal when the time is appropriate. MyDentalPlan is India’s Largest Dental Network Platform that provides access to several skilled and experienced dental doctors.




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