Tooth extraction recovery: Types, Procedure and Healing time


Pain due to tooth extraction can affect our daily activities, but getting rid of the damaged tooth sometimes becomes necessary. When a tooth is pulled, it leaves behind a temporary hole. A lot of factors like the size of the tooth, type of extraction, and the number of teeth extracted, help decide how much time is required for this extracted space to get closed. It will take anywhere between a few days to weeks to recover from the tooth extraction process.


What are the types of tooth extraction procedure?

The tooth extraction process is of two types, and the time taken to recover from tooth extraction procedure largely depends on which type  of tooth extraction you have undergone

  • Simple extraction

Simple tooth extraction is carried out on observable teeth in the mouth. It can be carried out to

  • Remove teeth prior to getting braces
  • Crowding
  • Severe tooth damage/tooth decay
  • Mobile teeth
  • Retained milk teeth or root pieces

If the tooth that is extracted is supplied with various roots, it takes little long time to heal. You will see that the space will close in 2-4 weeks, but complete healing of the hole may take few months. Even after the space is closed you may feel hollowness in the area when touched with your finger or your tongue.


Healing time for Simple extraction of tooth

  • The extraction carries out for a small tooth having a single root may take upto seven days to close and heal.
  • Whereas, extraction of big tooth innervated with various roots may take 8 days to heal and 2-4 weeks to close, and full healing may take a few months.

Visible teeth might also need extraction before any orthodontic procedure is to be carried out. It may be required to make room for the remaining teeth to line up properly in your mouth. Simple tooth extraction is carried out using local anesthesia to numb the area. Generally, you will remain awake and fully alert during the whole process. 


Surgical tooth extraction

The whole process of surgical extraction is very exclusive, therefore, it takes a long time for the tooth space to get closed when compared to a simple tooth extraction. The procedure involves cutting the bone and tissues underneath the gum line. The healing procedure is quite long and the tooth space might get closed by the end of the 3-6 weeks post-surgery. It will take a few months for the indentation to get filled and to achieve complete healing.

Surgical tooth extraction is often carried out to remove

  • A tooth that has been impacted, or does not erupt from your gums like a wisdom tooth extraction 
  • Impacted canine teeth or premolars
  • Remaining visible tooth that has broken off or cracked
  • Tooth fragments that break down while getting removed at the time of simple extraction
  • Broken Root canal treated tooth
  • Cyst involved tooth

Surgical extraction requires local anesthesia and in some cases general anesthesia.


Different stages of healing of tooth Socket after extraction.


Tooth extraction healing time starts as soon as the process is complete.

  • 24 – 48 hours of surgery

During the first 24 – 48 hours after tooth extraction, a blood clot will form over the socket. This blood clot assists in formation and multiplication of the cells to close the wound.This clot helps in avoiding the food particles as well as bacteria to penetrate. It is one of the important steps for healing, and it allows the growth of gum tissue and bone. Bleeding from the extraction socket starts slowing down and will eventually stop after sometime. The swelling will continue, and tenderness will remain in the area where the tooth was pulled for 2-4 days..

  • 3 – 8 days after surgery

During this time, the gum tissue and bone has started forming, allowing the tooth socket to close. If you have stitches, it will be either removed or have started to dissolve. Large tooth extractions, molar teeth, and impacted teeth take the longest time to heal.

  • 1 – 4 months post-surgery

Depending on how extensive the extraction is, your tooth socket must be completely healed without any indentation. The hole in your jawbone is also filled completely with a new bone and blood tissue after 1-4 months of tooth extraction procedure.


Tips that can help manage your tooth extraction smoothly


  • Keep a gauze pad in the area for a minimum of 30 to 50 minutes biting on it post surgery. This assists the blood clot to start getting formed in the extracted socket.
  • Take enough rest and allow your body to recuperate.
  • Rinse with salt water to keep the area clean after 24 hrs after extraction.
  • Swallow the saliva for the first 24hrs, don't gargle or meddle that area with your tongue or fingers.
  • Let your dentist know about all the other medications you are taking and also take all the prescribed medications after extraction.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Only consume soft and cold foods for the first 24-48hrs after surgery.
  • On the outside of your face, apply an ice pack intermittently to decrease swelling and pain.


When your tooth is extracted, it leaves behind a socket in its place that will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to heal. Proper aftercare assists in accelerating the healing time. When you carry out the procedure through a good dentist, the recovery and healing are smooth. You can opt to speak to our dentist on India’s largest Dental Network where you can find numerous skilled dentists whom you can consult as per your needs and plan for a smooth procedure and quick healing time.




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