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World Oral Health Day 2017

‘Live mouth smart’ is the theme for this year’s world oral health day. It is celebrated every year on 20th march as an international day to raise global awareness about oral health and importance of oral hygiene. This creates a



Although everyone’s aware of the evil effects of smoking on overall health, however, the use of tobacco products may cause serious health consequences on oral health. Tobacco use results from number of oral health issues like oral cancer in addition


Dental Flossing; Add on to Dental Care


Brushing alone won’t take care of your oral hygiene completely.

Food particles, bacteria, and plaque may be stuck up between your teeth. Periodontal disease and dental caries commonly start from gum line or between the teeth. There are areas between the



Did you ever feel fascinated towards oral piercing?

Piercing became a popular expression of body art and self-expression. Oral Piercing involves the puncturing of specific areas in oral cavity in which metallic adornments are installed. It appears that tongue is the


Era of Electric Toothbrushes

Are you bored of using manual toothbrushes? A manual toothbrush can be an effective tool, but it can be difficult to adequately clean between teeth, around back teeth, or in other hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. This results in gradual


Cancer therapies and oral health

Cancer therapy leads to various side effects, and oral complications are considered to be the most common. Oral cavity has one of the fastest growing mucosal tissue in the human body. Cancer in itself is an immunosuppressive condition with the


Oral infections

Some of the most diverse and gigantic flora of the entire human body is present in the oral cavity which serves as the entrance for 2 vital systems to human function and physiology, the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. Many diseases